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Date : 06-02-2010
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Increasing Dispensary Sales has never been easier !
Increase sales and profits today with smart dispensing Systems from ACEP.

Over 16,000 Optical stores worldwide are reaping the benefits of Smart Dispensing Technology. Isn't it time you bought one of our tools and brought your Dispensary into the 21st Century?

In today's highly competitive marketplace, you need to maximize each and every opportunity with every single customer, so why leave anything to chance?

Premium frame, lens, contact lens, tints, coatings, and treatment sales are the keys to success.

You know the old saying, a picture is worth 1,000 words well... When you can visually demonstrate for a customer, how these premium products improve their appearance, and quality of life, the sale has already been made!

Lets face it, every patient or customer wants to look and feel their best, Now you can actually demonstrate and show them the difference!

Don't leave anything to chance, and don't let any more opportunities slip away. Our Smart Dispensing Systems will do the work for you and will make your premium products sell themselves!

More than a Try-On Technology, These are Smart Dispensing Solutions.

Over the past 16 years, ACEP/ ABS, Inc  have equipped more than 1,300 optometrists and opticians in the U.S.and more than 16,000 Eye Care professionals worldwide. With a global track record of increasing dispensary sales, the Smart Systems are widely recognized as the Worlds #1 dispensing tools.

Our value proposition, and return on investment is simple: Smart Dispensing Solutions from ACEP will help you increase sales !

 Contact us today about purchasing a Contact us today about purchasing a Smart Dispensing solution for your business!